Aeonium x anagense (aka Aeonium 'Pancakes')

Without knowing its true identity, it has long been speculated that the very common Aeonium cultivar 'Pancakes', is actually the naturally occurring hybrid Aeonium x anagense.

Below: Aeonium 'Pancakes'

Aeonium x anagense

Aeonium x anagense is a naturally occurring hybrid between the species Aeonium lindleyi var. lindleyi and Aeonium tabuliforme and can be found growing naturally on the Island Tenerife within the Canary Islands archipelago. 

Although occurring naturally it is considered an uncommon occurrence and this may explain why there is only limited information available and only a handful of published photo's.

Aeonium x anagense - (Photo source: International Crassulaceae Network)

Additionally we have not come across Aeonium x anagense being sold or anyone who may hold it in their collection, which has made it difficult to study and compare with 'Pancakes'.

'Pancakes' on the other hand is extremely common and is also known internationally under the name 'Green Star'.  

Recreating Aeonium x anagense:

We were fortunate enough last year to have both parent species flower (A. lindleyi var. lindleyi and A. tabuliforme) and were able to recreate out own Aeonium x anagense hybrid, thus enabling us to compare the two plants together.

Aeonium x anagense:

Aeonium x anagense is a small upright Aeonium growing to around 20 x 20cm. The plants offset freely and soon form small branching shrublets. The foliage is covered in soft minute hairs (pubescent), which gives the plant a very soft downy feel. The young plant stems are also hairy and are often a pinky-red colour. The leaf margins show cilia (hair like structures) of variable lengths, up to 1.8mm long.

Our observations also match the botanical description for Aeonium x anagense on the International Crassulaceae Network. 

Aeonium x anagense

 Aeonium x anagense

Aeonium 'Pancakes':

Our observation of 'Pancakes' show identical characteristics to that of Aeonium x anagense and any slight differences in appearance (particularly in these photo's) are merely environmentally influenced. ie: the different ages of each plant, sun exposure, watering etc...

Aeonium 'Pancakes'

Our conclusion: Comparing both subjects though our own analytical observations and in conjunction with botanical resources such as the ICN (International Crassulaceae Network) we are confident that Aeonium 'Pancakes' is indeed Aeonium x anagense.

Aeonium x anagense (left) and Aeonium 'Pancakes' (right)

Ultimately comparing the flowers with give a definitive answer, but otherwise we are confident in our determination.

There is a high probability that Aeonium x anagense was initially collected from the wild, then circulated through collections and along the way given a cultivated name.

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