Aeonium Mountain Rose Variegated
Aeonium Mountain Rose Variegated
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Aeonium Mountain Rose Variegated

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Description: This is one of the very beautiful variegated forms of the commonly known Aeonium Mountain Rose (please see comments below).

The variegation is a lovely mix of green & white and combined with the beautiful rose like form of the Mountain Rose, make this beauty a stand out!

The centre green portions of the leaves are silky streaked with variegated splashes of cream, which pair perfectly with the crisp outer white margins. Green and white always seem to work so well together and it really shows here.

The rosettes offset readily and will form small clumps of beautiful rose like rosettes.

Plant Care: Plants grow best in small pot using a good free draining potting mix. Avoid the hot summer sun or the plants may burn.

Origins: Variegated form of one of the Aeonium species commonly known as Mountain Rose.

Comments: There are a few similar looking variegated forms of Aeonium Mountain Rose available, so the correct naming on this one is a little difficult.

Most likely they are either variegated forms of Aeonium dodrantale or Aeonium aureum or perhaps even a hybrid between the two?

The type we have here is one of the larger growing forms, so we suspect its origins to be either that of an offsetting form of Aeonium aureum or a hybrid of? But without knowing any real background to where the plants we developed or created, it is hard to truly know and therefore give it a correct name.

You will also see these sold as Greenovia variegated. Greenovia is an old genus name which was once given to four separate Aeonium species. 

We find this to be a little misleading and confusing to those not familiar, so have chosen not to use this name. We have opted to simply call it Aeonium Mountain Rose Variegated for now.

Please read carefully before purchasing:

The plants for sale may have some minor markings on the leaves.

  • Plants for sale are displayed in 70mm pots. You will receive the same or similar plant as in this photo. Please use this as a guide to the size of the plants available for purchase.
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